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Looking for flats or houses to rent in Derby? Professional Properties are the letting agents in Derby! Search for a property online today!


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Why should you choose Professional Properties as your dedicated property managers?

  • We are a family run business who intend to maintain and grow a high standard reputation
  • Our staff are well trained and can help resolve any problems quickly and efficiently
  • We have a loyalty card program designed to help you take advantage of local offers and discounts from local companies

Have you seen our stock of flats and apartments to rent in Derby? We have a consistent high stock level which means we always have properties available suited for our clients. When choosing the right property to rent its important that you consider many factors such as location and transport options so make sure you do your research around the areas you like.

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Finding the right Property

If your looking for something particular give our Derby team a call on 01332 366171 and tell them exactly what your looking for. It’s our job to find you the right property to rent in Derby so we would be more than happy to help! Derbyshire is a big place and our available properties up for rent are often spread out, giving you many different benefits and options living in each area.

If you are a landlord that owns properties and wish to know more about how you can rent a house in Derby with Professional Properties visit property search page at the top of this page and watch the latest property videos. This will provide you with alot of information about why we are the letting agent you can trust to provide the right service!

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Homes to live in Derbyshire

Alot of people will ask us do we have any flats to rent in Derby and often just ask for rooms to rent in Derby. The answer is always the same, Yes we do! The best way to find out what stock we have available is by looking at our property search tool on the home page or by checking out our facebook search application. This can be found on our facebook page. We make renting in Derby as simple as possible!

What to look for when Renting Rooms

Derby tenants tend to search for flats to rent in Derby. Normally because they don’t plan to stay long term, perhaps there job is on a short term contract. Private renting in Derby is common amongst the independent individuals. For the family person choosing the right apartment, flat or rooms is out of the question. They look for quality flats or houses to rent in Derby. Luckily if you land in the family catagory then we have pretty much every type of house you can ask for. From countryside to city, for family homes we have available, you will be stuck for choice when looking for the right rooms or property to rent in Derby.

Professional Properties are here to help.

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