Preparing Your Property To Let

In the lettings market at the moment, demand is high and supply is relatively low.

It is essential that you present your property in its best possible light to attract the best tenant.

As a landlord, you want tenants fighting over your property as this will ensure you achieve maximum rent. Whether you conduct viewings yourself, or an agent does them on your behalf, it is important to make sure you have prepared properly if you want to attract the best tenants possible.

Prepare Your Property For Let

A Thorough Clean

The most important thing you can do is make sure the property is spotlessly clean, irrespective of how attractive it is or how much rent you’ll be charging.

Certain properties will benefit from a professional clean after each tenancy ends ready for the next round of viewings.

Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and bathroom – important rooms for would be tenants. Dust all surfaces, vacuum throughout and take care of any cobwebs. It’s also a good idea to have the windows cleaned inside and out as grubby windows can be very off-putting.

Maintenance Jobs and DIY

If there are repairs that you need to make before a new tenancy starts but haven’t got around to yet, do the ones that are obvious before the viewing, to give a sense of a well maintained property.

Likewise, deal with any mould that may have emerged during the previous tenancy or void period. You’ll need to find the source of this and get professional help if needed. Don’t just paint over it!

Make sure you also get rid of limescale where needed too. This will spruce up taps and other fittings and make them look like new. Top up any chipped or dirty paintwork.

Kerb Appeal

The front of your property needs to look as good as possible. Not only does it paint a good impression of the landlord, it puts potential tenants in positive spirits before they have stepped in the door. A lack of kerb appeal is a surprisingly common reason why properties don’t get more viewings.

Give the windows a good clean. Check on your window frames too; if they’re rotten, they aren’t going to look very appealing. Consider replacing them ensuring that they fit in with the look of your home. The outlay will be offset by higher rents and fewer void periods.

People are drawn to the front door at first glance. Make sure it stands out by giving it a fresh coat of paint if required. The colour should fit in with the look of your house, so don’t make it too garish!

You’re NOT Living There!

Don’t take any criticism too personally!

You may not like the tenants feedback, but this doesn’t mean they won’t take the property!

The viewing is a great chance to extol the virtues of your property and also manage their expectations. You can also use a viewing as a learning exercise to find out what tenants want. If a common theme appears and if suggestions are cost effective, make the changes.

Get Ready for Viewings

So, your rental property is now ready to accept viewings.

Obviously, you want every viewing to show your property in its best light thus maximising the possibility of getting a tenant in as soon as possible.

The demand for quality rental properties has never been so high and getting that extra week’s rent from a tenant by going that extra mile on presenting your property is becoming more and more important.

If you have the same approach to letting your property as you would for selling your own home, that may just make your property stand out from the rest and secure that all important tenant!

  •  Avoid viewings around school leaving time thus avoiding congestion around your home.
  •  Avoid viewings during the busiest parts of the day; early morning, rush hour and early evening.
  •  If you have a parking space, park your own car somewhere else for the duration of the viewing.
  •  If you have children, can they stay with friends or relatives?
  •  If you have pets, can they pop over to a neighbour or a friend while the viewing takes place?
  •  Maximise light by opening curtains and switching on lights.
  •  Ensure that you have not smoked or cooked anything too smelly prior to the appointment.
  •  Remember your kerb appeal – tidy gardens, move bins and clear any rubbish.

You only have ONE chance at a first impression so make it count!


Feedback is an essential part of the viewing process. It enables you to see which parts of your property are the most popular and also what is causing the most negative reactions.

This enables the agent to tailor your viewing to the potential tenants and offers you an opportunity to rectify things to help prevent these little details reducing or stopping a viewer from taking the property..

As a landlord, you should expect full, honest and balanced feedback from each viewing on your property.

It will not help secure a tenant if your agent is reluctant to pass on any negative feedback.