Further Information Required

Thank you for signing your Landlords Terms of Business with Professional Properties. We need some further information before we can commence the marketing of your property.

Please provide the following information which must be correct to the best of your knowledge.


Please insert the address of the rental property.
This information is required for Overseas Tax purposes. If you live abroad (i.e. Not England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) for over six months in a year, you are classed as an Overseas Landlord by HMRC and tax will be deducted at source.
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law for properties when advertised for sale or let. The Energy Performance Certificate provides details on the energy performance of the property and what an owner can do to improve it. Please confirm below whether your property requires an EPC
he landlord must ensure that all gas appliances installed at the property comply with the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1994 and must be provided to the Tenant prior to their occupation of the property.
The landlord must ensure that the electrical installation and all electrical appliances owned by the Landlord at the property have been inspected and certified by a competent electrician prior to the tenancy commencing.
Where the Landlord has duties in regard to the prevention of legionella and the inspection of domestic-type water systems, the Landlord shall be responsible for the maintenance of the water system and any associated safety checks. The agent can instruct a Legionella Certificate to be prepared should the landlord so wish.