Rent arrears is one of a landlords greatest worries. This is closely followed by any potential costs of eviction – should they be necessary.

Our superb Rent Guarantee protection products ensure that everything is covered.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when a tenant simply fails to pay. Be it out of malevolence, financial incompetence or a sudden detrimental change in their financial circumstances that they might not even tell the landlord about. Landlords without any rent guarantee protection may be in for a shock! Those who do have such cover can rest easy. For those landlords who don’t have cover, the implications can be awful, especially if there is a mortgage on the property and the rent is relied upon to help make the necessary loan repayments.

The cost?….. have one less takeaway coffee per week and it’s paid for!

Professional Properties offer two great products to protect your rent.



Our innovative Rent on Time product does exactly what it says.

Your Rent. On Time. Every Month … whether your tenant pays or not!

In addition to guaranteed rent, there are additional benefits included;

  • Legal costs covered for evictions
  • Never experience arrears
  • Managing non-payment disputes
  • Full Tenant Referencing
  • Deposit Registration
  • New & Existing Tenants
  • Available to all tenant types



An alternative to Rent on Time is our Nil Excess Rent Guarantee warranty which includes the following benefits;

  • NIL Excess
  • Rent payable until Vacant Possession
  • Cover up to £2500 per month
  • £50000 Legal Costs in order to obtain Vacant Possession
  • 6 or 12 month Tenancies
  • No involvement in Claims Process
  • Excellent Benefits

Please visit our Contact Us page to call us for further information on both of these products.

It really is a no brainer!

Professional Properties are here to help.

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