Daren Cope – Owner Professional Properties

It’s my mission to improve the reputation of letting agents…

“Letting agents traditionally have a somewhat tarnished reputation.

A quick Google search puts agents 5th in the list of most untrustworthy professions behind Politicians, Journalists, Car Salesman and Bankers.

This enforced period of lockdown has certainly made me look at our business and the way it operates and my thoughts have been massively influenced by some of the unbelievable acts of kindness  and empathy shown by the population of the UK.

I know I cannot change the way people think of letting agents generally, the only thing I can do is to try and do something about the way my agency is perceived.

I have recorded 3 videos which include some of my revised philosophy and approach to how we do things in the future.”

Honesty and Transparency

Good Tenants AND Landlords

People are the Priority