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Rent Guarantee Insurance

Our Covid-19 Inclusive, NIL Excess Rent Guarantee Protection will help you sleep at night

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Relax. Everything is Covered

Get your rent paid, even if your tenant doesn't. Legal costs are included too

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Landlords Rent Guarantee

Sleep Better with Rent Protection

Our superb Rent Guarantee protection ensures that everything is covered.


Unfortunately, there are occasions when a tenant simply fails to pay the rent. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in non-payment of rent, albeit through no fault of the tenant.

Non payment of rent could be out of malevolence, financial instability or a sudden detrimental change in their financial circumstances that they do not tell the landlord or agent about.

Landlords without any rent guarantee protection may be in for a shock! Those who do have such cover can rest easy. For those landlords who don’t have cover, the implications can be awful, especially if there is a mortgage on the property and the rent is relied upon to help make the necessary loan repayments.

So, if you are a landlord in the Derby or Burton-on-Trent areas, then guarantee your rent today!

NIL Excess Rent Guarantee

Protect your Regular Rental Income.


🔹 NIL Excess

🔹 Full Rent Protection for the total monthly rent, for up to 4 tenants as named on the tenancy agreement.

🔹 Full Rent Protection for up to 15 months or until vacant possession is obtained, whichever is the soonest. 

🔹 Cover up to £2500 per month

🔹 £100,000 Legal Costs in order to obtain Vacant Possession 

🔹 6 or 12 month Tenancies

🔹 Cover includes breaches of the tenancy agreement by the tenant, including non-payment of rent and expired notices seeking possession.

🔹 No involvement in claims process and Court Attendance.

🔹 Cover available Monthly or Annually.

🔹 Cover even when the tenants change (subject to satisfactory references)

🔹 Covid-19 cover included


It really is a ‘No Brainer’!

Peace of Mind for Landlords

Safeguard your Mortgage Payments


Our obligation to the landlord is that in the event that there are any defaults in the payment of the Rent (as set out in the tenancy agreement) by the Tenant(s)/Guarantor(s) within the tenancy, we will pay Rent monthly in arrears, as per the rent amount on the tenancy agreement, for up to 6 months or until possession is obtained, whichever is the soonest.

Payments will be made subject to any deductions agreed in the agency agreement. Deductions will also be made for any outstanding charges due from you.

In the event of payments being made under this guarantee, all of your rights as Landlord to recover such sums shall be subrogated to the Agent or their insurer in order to affect recovery of sums paid (in the name of the Landlord if necessary or expedient). By choosing this service the landlord confirms and agrees to the same.

Should you receive any funds from any Tenant(s)/ Guarantor(s) after any date of default which results in us having to pay any monies to you under the terms of this guarantee, you shall immediately notify us of such receipt and shall forward such funds to us immediately on receipt.

Please call Laura on 01332 300197 for further details.

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