Market Valuation

Only an expert with excellent knowledge of the Derby and Burton property market can provide an accurate rental valuation.

Simon Joyce

Simon has been our lettings expert since 1999 and has unrivalled local knowledge.

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Get Your Rental Valuation Today

A letting agent has only two landlord objectives. Firstly, to keep the landlord and property compliant with all current legislation and regulation and secondly, to maximise the return from the property investment.

One of the ways to maximise the return is to achieve the highest possible rent for the property whilst always taking into account current market conditions.

We offer 3 types of lettings valuation which are detailed below.

Instant Valuation

A quick market rent calculated by a computer algorithm based upon data sources such as land registry, historic rents and property portal data. The characteristics of the property aren’t taken into account.

Perfect if you’re just curious or want a general idea before having a more detailed assessment.

60% – 70% ACCURATE

Virtual Valuation

A more detailed rental assessment carried out by our property expert. You complete some basic property details, let us know any other relevant information and even add pictures if you wish.

Send us the completed form and we’ll send you a detailed rental appraisal in 24 hours! 

80% – 90% ACCURATE

Valuation Visit

The traditional rental valuation carried out by our property expert who will visit your property and discuss your requirements. We’ll discuss the market rent and provide a detailed marketing plan to enable us to achieve it.

Ideal if you are committed to putting your property onto the rental market in the immediate future.


Landlord Essentials

Rent Guarantee Protection

Our NIL Excess Rent Guarantee ensures that we pay your rent to you even if your tenant doesn't. Full Rent Protection for up to 15 months will ensure any mortgage payments on the property are covered.

Investment Properties For Sale

Professional Properties always have a selection on investment properties for sale. These may be landlords looking to exit the private rental sector and are often offered for sale with a tenant in situ.

Landlord Insurance

Letting a property is a specialised business and needs specific landlord insurance cover. If you let a property but just take out standard home insurance, the insurance company may refuse to pay your claim.