Further Information Required

Thank you for signing your Agency Agreement with Professional Properties. We need some further information before we can commence the marketing of your property.

Please provide the following information which must be correct to the best of your knowledge.


Please insert the address of the property to be sold
By law, Agents must declare whether there is a personal interest in the sale of the Property. To assist the Agents to fulfil this obligation the Client is asked to indicate any personal association with the Agents of which the client is aware. If the Client is, or thinks he may be, a close relative or a friend, or have any business interests with anyone involved with the Agent, the Client should let the Agent know immediately. Are you aware of any such interest? If YES, please give details.
Has anybody shown an interest in purchasing the Property before the start date of this agreement? If YES, please give details.
Are you aware of any significant planning developments in the locality of your property? e.g., larger redevelopments, wind farm, HS2, etc. If YES, please give details.
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law for properties when advertised for sale or let. The Energy Performance Certificate provides details on the energy performance of the property and what an owner can do to improve it. Please confirm below whether your property requires an EPC