Feng Shui Yourself To a Quicker Sale

At Professional Properties, we look at every possible way of ensuring that every home we are marketing has the best possible chance of being sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

We also read a lot of estate agency and property industry magazines and websites to keep abreast of new ideas and different ways of marketing people’s homes.

An article which caught our eye last week was from America. It said how estate agents, or realtors as they are known across the pond, were calling in Feng Shui experts in a bid to make homes sell quicker and for the best possible price. The results showed that it did have a positive effect on both timescales and prices!

Before you think that this really isn’t up your street and stop reading, then don’t… it really is interesting stuff!


What Is Feng Shui

Feng shui is the art and science of designing harmonious environments based on the profound Chinese understanding of how people are connected to and affected by their close surroundings. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.

There is no point looking at how Feng Shui could influence someone potentially buying your home without a brief introduction to it’s 3 concepts:


The Chinese word ‘Qi’ expresses a complex natural force generated by a combination of both real and abstract sources, including sunlight, cosmic influences, colour vibrations, the movement and quality of the air around us, the flow of water, the nature of our thoughts and emotions, the form of objects, and so much more. Qi influences how a place feels and how we feel in it, depending on whether it can circulate harmoniously or not.

Yin and Yang 

The concept of yin and yang is that interconnection and continuous change in the dynamic process of nature. Examples are light and shade, inner and outer, movement and stillness. A balance between yin and yang creates harmony and stability in a place, as the natural equilibrium becomes disrupted whenever there is too much of one or other.

Five Elements

The five elements here are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The five elements can be either physical objects or metaphoric representations, used in various ways to strengthen, support, enhance, weaken, manage or control one another, depending upon their relationship and placement. They are introduced to beneficially influence a living space and to support its occupants.

So, now you have had a brief lesson on the art of Feng Shui, lets see how it could ifnluence the sale of your home…


Feng Shui and Your Home

Feng Shui has been around for 5,000 years, so it’s nothing new. You might think it’s all a bit of a nonsense but some Feng Shui principles are actually just common sense.

Read these five ways Feng Shui can help sell your home and decide for yourself.


Brighten up the Entrance to your Home

In Feng Shui, your front door/entrance is how energy enters your home and your life. The front door is described as the “mouth of Qi.” Naturally, the entrance is first place to start when you want to create a good impression for any potential buyer.

Start with de-cluttering. A lot of objects tend to accumulate at the front door. We’re not talking completely bare; more uncluttered. Make it work for you.

Next, sweep and clean up the area. The front entry, both inside and out, are often overlooked. Wipe down the door and shake out the door mat.

Think how you can make this space more inviting and spacious by removing or adding something. This creates a place for the energy that enters your home to collect and gather.

Finally, make sure this space is well lit and bright. Add more lighting or change the light bulbs.


Clean Your Windows

In Feng Shui, windows symbolise the eyes of the adults in the home.

To create good Feng Shui in your home, clean your windows on a regular basis. Clear, clean windows let in more sunlight and sunlight naturally energises and wakes us up. Sunlight also vibrantly enhances the colours and objects that we see. Therefore, our homes become more expansive, vibrant, and energetic when we let in more light.

Clean windows metaphorically wake us up to see the world around us but will physically help your viewers see your home with the most colour, clarity, and precision.


Focus on Your Doors

In Feng Shui, doors represent voice and communication. Doors are also seen as portals in which opportunities can come into your life. This is why your doors deserve a bit of focus!

There are two things to look at. First, ensure that all your doors can open to at least a full 90 degrees. When there is something behind a door preventing it from fully opening, from a Feng Shui perspective, it suggests that you are only able to receive a portion of the opportunities life has to offer. From a home sale perspective, it creates the perception of a lack of space.

Second, check that all your doors are in good order. Make sure that the handles are fully functioning and that doors close easily. Oil the hinges if they are squeaking.

All these details affect how the energy finds its way to you and the potential buyer. You want the flow to be as smooth as possible.


The Commanding Position

This is one of the most important Fend Shui principles. This governs how you can position yourself in life and this principle should be applied to the location of your bed, your desk (or workspace), and your oven.

The bed represents you, the desk represents your work life and the oven represents your wealth (apparently!).

When you are in these rooms, Feng Shui suggests that you can see the door without being directly in line with it. So, when you are lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking, you should be able to see the door without turning around. When you are in a commanding position, you are in command of your life. You are in a position to receive positive energy and the best opportunities.

Another way in which this can be interpreted is to arrange your rooms so that people who walk in are not met with the backs of furniture. It is simply more welcoming.


Improve the Flow

Here we are literally looking at the physical path you walk as you move through your home. From when you get out of bed, then go to the bathroom, and so on as you head out the door, then, when you get home, look at the same journey in reverse culminating in getting into bed!

The point here is that we become totally oblivious to all the physical obstacles we have in our daily path so when someone visits your home for the first time with a view to buying it, these obstacles will be very exaggerated as they have never seen them before. Again, it is creating spaciousness – an element vital to a potential buyer.


Plants Mean Life

In Feng Shui, plants embody life energy. Plants and flowers connect us to nature and bring vibrancy into our homes. They represent freshness, health, and vitality.

Find plants that you can care for and that are appropriate for the space.


Keep a Lid on It

Yes… I’m talking about your loo! Feng Shui experts believe that water is linked to money and the toilet is one place that water ‘escapes’. Even if you don’t buy this theory, keep your lid closed anyway. It just looks better!


So, what do you think? Is FS full of BS? Or can it really influence a potential buyer and make your home more saleable?  A lot of it is simply common sense when trying to appealing to a buyer.

Think about professional sport and the phrase ‘marginal gains’ often comes up when teams or individuals are looking for that extra little bit to help them beat their competitors and achieve their goal. Could Feng Shui be your marginal gain?

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